Shanghai is a long history of fitness brands, the company was officially established in 2002,it has developed into a number of outlets and franchise stores fitness chain enterprises.




has been adhering to the "sports change the life" business philosophy, efforts to increase public awareness of fitness, efforts to promote the national fitness campaign, let fitness do become a way of life for the people. ahead of other fitness counterparts, proposed "leading environmental protection, advocate the new concept of the green movement" . transform the existing fitness center operations and energy equipment, and opening new fitness center directly with energy conservation and environmental protection equipment,to strive to create energy saving and environmental protection, the green movement in the new space.






club stand on the health care industry, not only adhering to the fitness of this simple idea, but also sought to bring a healthy lifestyle to China, will be the concept of health penetrate into your work and life .The concept of health needs the support of the international  fitness equipment, and independent  configuration test equipment. Meanwhile, is one of body-building which has a more business scale , and a more complete severice items.